IFSU for ACE- Academic Centers of Excellence

To provide quality education, research and extension services to bring about educated and morally upright individuals endowed with professional and entrepreneurial skills who will take the lead in enhancing sustainable development towards improved quality of life.

IFSU library supports the Institution's
instructional, curricular, research and extension programs
through an organized relevant, and fast delivery of information services.

  • Select and acquire library materials to support all academic and other concerns of the university
  • Prepare library resources for use through cataloguing, classification, indexing, and preservation;
  • Provide individual and group assistance to readers in the use of the library;
  • Encourage the reading habit by means of current awareness services;
  • Provide, maintain, and arrange physical facilities and equipment that shall enable users to utilize fully the library's resources;
  • Establish appropriate linkages to which IFSU students, faculty and staff may be referred in times of need; and;
  • Develop competitive staff to be able to guide students and other researchers' lifelong education.