1. Technical Services
This service area is concerned with the acquisition, organization (classification and cataloging) preparation and preservation of materials.
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a. Internet/multimedia Services
Internet services are made available to all students, it is strickly for research purposes only. All student have one hour allocated time per session. Library Internet cafe is not similar in the College of Computer Science Internet Cafe that if a student has comsumed his/her allocated time there is a corresponding amount to be paid here in the Library it is completely free.
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b. Photocopying services
Photocopying services are available inside the library to facilitate search of library customers.
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c. Promotional Services
This service ensures that library customers are kept up to date with information of their interest on specific subject areas, new acquisitions, staff, resources, facilities and services of the library.

2. Book Area Services
This service area is being supervised by a unit head and is directly involved in serving library clientele through its five main sections and branch libraries namely:
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a. Circulation Section
It follows the open shelf system. It houses and circulates the major collection/holding of the library covering the different areas of discipline. Fiction books are also found in this section.
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b. Reserve Section
This section houses newly acquired books. It also houses the professional books of newly opened courses or programs like nursing, midwifery, criminology and tourism . Audio visual materials and books of limited copies that are very much in demand are shelved in this section.
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c. Reference Section
Materials found in this section are for room use only. Books found in this section comprise different kinds of dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, manuals, atlases, yearbooks, almanacs, bibliographies, and non-book materials that include maps.
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d. Filipiniana Section
This section houses a collection of publications written by Filipino or foreign authors about the Philippine society, people, culture, and others.
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e. Graduate Section
This section houses and circulates materials for advanced studies. Theses, dissertations, or research compilations of the different graduate courses in and off-campus (Transnational and Extension) are available.
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f. CARIANA Section
This section houses literature about the Cordillera Administrative Region.
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g. Periodical Section
This section houses current and back issues of journals, magazines, newspapers and other serial literatures.
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3. Referral Service
This service provides all bonafide students and faculty members of IFSU the opportunity to explore/access the resources of other libraries based on their information needs.

4. Client Supply Service
The library offers the users materials and devices such as bond papers, clips, staplers, ring bind machine, puncher, etc. free to use.
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5. Lounge Area
The library promotes a relaxing and at the same time an informative environment through the provision of comfortable furniture and coffee vending machine.
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6. Gifts and Donations
The Library is pursuing collection development through soliciting donations as an aid in gathering materials. The libraries also enlist the aid of book programs, such as those of FAPE, the Asia Foundation, Bridge of Asia- Philippine Foundations, etc. in building library collection.

7. Interlibrary loan Services
The University library services are open to outside researchers but they must present first a referral letter approved by their University Library Director plus a receipt from the University cashier.

8. University Archives Section
This section houses publications of the university which includes Graduate and undergraduate theses, research and University journals.
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9. Newspaper Clippings
Library staff prepare newspaper clippings, and shelf them at the vertical file. The vertical file collection includes clippings, pamphlets, brochures and booklets that are arranged in alphabetical order according to subject/topic.
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10. Relegation Section
This area stores outdated materials which can still be used as references by faculty and students. The materials remain in the area for one year before they are permanently removed from circulation.
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