Audio Visual Room
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IFSU Library Audio-Visual Room is an air-conditioned room and equipped with needed facilities such as LCD projector, TV, Laptop mixed amplifier and others. All of these materials are used for film viewing, lecture and discussion by the faculty and student.

    Policies on the Use of the AVR
  1. Interested users must comply with the reservation process.
  2. Reservation should be made 2 days in advance. Reservation done on a short notice maybe accommodated provided reasons are valid and is subject to availability of the facility and equipment.
  3. Reservations made by the students for the class activity will require the endorsement of the faculty member concerned. Extra-curricular activities by the student organization should be endorsed by the adviser.
  4. A borrower who signed the reservation slip form is responsible and accountable for the equipment borrowed.
  5. Inform the staff of any equipment or device not functioning properly.
  6. Take extra care of the equipment and arrange them properly after use.
  7. Minimize voices when inside the AVR.
  8. Eating and drinking are not allowed.
  9. AVR materials should be used within the AVR premises only.
  10. Inform the AVR in-charge of any change in the set-up and arrangement of resources as required by the nature of the activity; however, they must be returned to their original/proper arrangement after the activity.
  11. All users are required to log-in the logbook/automated log-in system.
  12. Always remove shoes /slippers during rainy days.
  13. Switch off the air-conditioning unit and lights when not in use.
Audio Visual Room
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The library bulletin contains news about the library details of new services, list of new acquisitions and other items likely of interest to library customers.
Baggage Area
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For the securitiey of the bagages of a CCTV is installed.
Comfort Rooms
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Comfort Rooms first and second floor