Theses and Dissertation

Code Title Author Accession
Ac-Th BSIT-10 2015 Archiving System of Ifugao State University Main Library Maya Crista B. Gumuwang, Joebert B. Mundayyo, Phoebe Valenz A. Nabocyag, Cindy P. Napadao, Bella Lulu C. Puguon Ac-Th BSIT-10
Th-3 MAED-1 2008 Baki the Hongan di tagu of the Tuwali Tribe of Hingyon its Implication to Education TEELESFORO TUDOC PUGONG JR. Th-3
Th-320 MPA-7 2014 Disaster Preparedness of Households in the Municipality of Hungduan, Ifugao, Philippines Javid B. Inobiohan Th-320
Th-21 D-3 L977 Drougn Resistance of Yemanel Gmelina arborea roxb and Kaatoan Bangkal Anthocepalus chinesis Rich ex Walp Antonio Glori Th-21
Th-612 MAED-219 2015 Emotional Intelligence and Stress Levels of Secondary School Teachers at Ifugao, Philippines Grace D. Vicente Th-612
Th-466 MAED-125 2013 Environmental Conservation Awareness and Practices Among Second Year Students at Brgy. E. Lopez National High School, Division of Silay City Basis for Disaster Preparedness Program Daisy Luceno Lopez Th-466
Th- 17 MAED-27 2011 Factors affecting the Working Relationship Between School Administration Teachers in Tinoc District RACHAEL BASILIO NANENG Th-27
Th-19 D-19 1977 Factors Associated With Manpower Mobility Among Selected Agricultural Schools and Colleges in the Philippines Bienvenido P. Agpaoa Th-19
Th-471 MAED-128 2014 Feeding Program and its Effect to theAcademic Achievement of the Grade Students of Calaya National High School, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras Candelaria G. Torrento Th-471
Th-472 MAED-128 2014 Feeding Program and its Effects to the Academic Achievement of the Grade 7 Students of Calaya National High School, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras Candelaria G. Torrento Th-472
Th-187 D-28 2011 Healths Workers Migration Its impact on Patients Care Delivery in Goverment Hospital in the Cordillera Administrative Region Agusta D. Bongtiwon Th-187
Th-582 MAT-E-33 2015 Information and Communication Technology use among the Kindergarten Teachers of the Selected Bilingual School in Nonthaburi, Thailand Franz V. Yuanphrad Th-582
Ac-Th BSIT-17 2015 Information Sytsem of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Ifugao Minerva O. Baguiw, Jon-Jon P. Habbiling, Karyl T. Puguon, Judy Regine D. Tindunga Ac-Th BSIT-17
Th-4 MAED-2 2008 Instructional Leadership Performance of the Elementary School Principals of Banaue and Hungduan Districts, Ifugao Province, EVELYN G. TUNDAGUI Th-4
Th-272 D-38 2012 Isang Disertasyong Iniharap sa mga Kagawad ng Kaguruan ng Paaralang Graduwado Universidad ng La Salette Lungsod ng Santiago Binwag, Alicia Mora Th-272
Th-578 D-65 2013 Knowledge, Attitudes and Spiritual Care Practices of Nurses in Tertiary Hospitals in Roxas City, Philippines Luzanta F. Almalbis Th-578
Th-375 MAED-69 2013 Learning Styles and Academic Performance of the Students of Col. Griffin National High School, Minapusok, Calatrava, Negros Occidental, SY 2012-2013 Jovelyn D. Espolong Th-375
Th-456 MAED-118 2013 Learning Styles, Attitudes Towards Mathematics and the Academic Performance of Grade Three Pupils of Concepcion Elementary School, Talisay City Negros Occidental KATHLYN B. CABIA Th-456
POL-SCI-6 2012 Level of Awareness and Acceptance of Ifugao on the Cordillera Autonomy Geraldine Puddunan-Dela Cruz, Rubylyn H. Menen, Ferdinand E. Tayaban POL-SCI-6
Th-469 MAED-127 2014 Local Government Unit Interventions in the School Based Management of Desiderio C. Gange National High School Sibunag, Guimaras RAY G. MERCOLINO Th-469
Th-34 D-16 1995 Monitoring and Evaluation Schemes of Development Organization in Cordillera an Assessment Evelyn Aro Esquejo Th-34
Ac-Th BSIT-7 2015 Monitoring System of the Internet Cafe Ifugao State University Main Campus Nora D. Bunnag, Engelbert L. Calingayan, Charles N. Hangdaan, Jerick Ryan C. Kimmayong, Melba T. Pangalina Ac-Th BSIT-7
Th-594 MAED-211 2015 Mother-Tongue Based Teaching and the Academic Performance of Grades I and 2 Pupils at Dilasag, Aurora, Philippines MAY-ANN D. FERRER Th-594
Th-465 MAED-124 2013 Physical Fitness and stress management Practices Among the Faculty of West Visayas State University Janiuay Canmpus Florenia Puesta Velasco Th-465
Th-23-D5 1993 Production Management Studies on Pole Snap Beans Phasseolus Vulgaris L. in Eastern Ifugao Elmer Commad Th-23
Ac-Th MAED-126 2013 Psychological Empowerment and Performance Appraisal of Elementary Teachers in Dumarao District Capiz, Western Visayas, Philippines MARY FE VITERA- CABRERA Ac-Th MAED-126
Th-468 MAED-126 2014 Psychological Empowerment and Performance Appraisal of Elementary Teachers in Dumurao District Capiz, Western VIsayas, Philippines MARY FE VITERA CABRERA Th-468
Th-598 MAT-M-6 Reading Comprehension and Problem Solving Skills in Plane Trigonometry of Fourth Year Students in National High Schools, Lamut, Ifugao, Philippines Yves Jill M. Yukee Th-598
Th-459 MAED-120 2013 Relevance of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Services Technology Curriculum of West VIsayas State University Pototan Campus ELIZABETH PARRENAS HORTILLO Th-459
Th-449 MAED-115 2014 School Based Management Practices of School Heads in the District of Dumarao, Capiz, Western, Visayas Jennifer Hinola Francisco Th-449
Th-165 MS-S-2 2009 Science Teachers’ Beliefs About Constructivist Learning Environment and Science Teaching Efficacy Christine N. Dinagtuan Th-165
Th-453 MAED-117 2013 Service Quality of Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital Radiology Department to Enhance Healthcare Delivery System Joseph Daulong Causapin Th-453
Th-448 MAED-77 2013 Social Networking and Academic Achievement of Fourth Year Students of Barangay Guimbala-On National High School, SY 2012-2013: Basis for Educational Tool Intervention Catherine Ramos Apusaga Th-448
Th-368 MAED-67 2013 Social Networking Involvement In Relation to the Pupil's Behavior in The Classroom Environment And Academic Achievement of The Grade Vi Pupils At Don Serafin Gatuslao Memorial School Leah Octavaio Diaz Th-368
Th-474 MAED-130 2014 Stress and Teaching Performance of the Elementary Teachers in the District of Cuartero LUZ ROXAS MAYO Th-474
Th-79 MAED-4 2005 Supervisory Practices of Vocational High School in Mountain Perovince THERESA G. NGILANGIL Th-79
Th-445 MAED-80 2013 Teenage Pregnancy Awareness among Senior Boys of Rafael B. Lacson Memorial High School ROLLIE O. MIJARES Th-445
Th-28 D-10 1994 The AEOP Student Village Training Center Project of Pangasinan State University An Analysis of Coordination Caridad Manes Junio Th-28
Th-252 D-30 2077 The Bahagavad Gita and it Relevance for Transformational Leadership Developmen Balakrishnan Muniapan Th-252
Th-435 MAED-110 2014 The Effect of 4ps to the Academic Performance and Well=Being of the Recipient Intermediate Pupils of Astorga Elementary School,Dumarao, Capiz, Western Visayas J-Marie B. Lubero Th-435
Th-123 MAT-E-10 2009 The Effectiveness of Word Analysis Strategy in Developing the Vocabulary Competence of The Grades Five and Six Pupils of Nungkigadan Elementary School Cecilia B. Butic Th-123
Th-643 The Impact of the Review Courses to the 2012 Criminology Board Examination Performance Rating of the Criminology Examinees of Ifsu Main Campus Ferdinand Lupog Jr., Paul DogyayOn, Diego Igua, Michelle Pad- ilon, Windy Gomez, Jovelyne Amuggao, Janice Dulnuan Th-643
Th-370 MAED-68 2013 The Infuence Of Television on the Academic Performance and Values Formation of the Pupils of the District of Binalbagan II, Philippines Jennifer P. Arroyo Th-370
Th-632 MAT-M-7 2014 The Learning Styles, Study Habits, Parents’ Support And Problem Solving Abilities of the Grade Six Pupils of Haliap, Ifugao, Philippines Jeanette Binwag-Tul-O Th-632
Th-14 MAED-29 2009 The level of Morale of Public Elementary School Teachers of Kiangan District Two Thousand seven and eight Its Implication to Pupils Achievement MARIA DULNUAN DULAWAN Th-14
Th-242 MAT-E-19 2009 The Oral Reading Performance of Grade Three Pupils In Kiangan District for School Year 2008-2099: A Basis for Remedial Teaching Estrella P. Aliguyon Th-242
Th-464 MAED-123 2014 The Pamilyang Pilipino Program, Academic Performance and Well Being of nthe Intermediate Pupils of Janguslob Elementary School Dumarao, Capiz, Philippines ARNEL VENUS HINGUILLO Th-464
Th-463 MAED-122 2014 The Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, The Academic performance and Well Being of Intermediate Pupils at Tamulalod Elementary School, Dumarao, Capiz, Western, Visayas, Philippines Catherine Falle Navarro Th-463
Th-473 MAED-129 2014 The Performance of Grade Two Pupils on the Four Fundamental Operations at Edmundo Primary School, Pototan, Iloilo, Western Visayas, philippines JONNALYN CARIAN MANA AY Th-473
Th-462 MAED-121 2013 The Teaching of Mother Tongue Basedmulti Lingual Education problems and issues Mary June Sevilla Demonteverde th-462
Th-18 D-12 1998 Towards an Improved Human Resources Development Program of the Ifugao State College of Agriculture and Forestry Faith B. Basilio Th-18
Th-216 MPA-6 2012 Towards an Improved Implementation of the Four Banner Programs of Agriculture in the Municipality of Hingyon, Ifugao Genevieve B. Camhit Th-216
Th-451 MAED-116 2013 Visayan Traditional Dances Nature, Characteristics, Description and Implication to Special Program for the Arts Reynaldo Oreta Galicia Th-451
Th-515 MAED-161 2014 Vocational Preferences and Sources of Motivation Of Senior High School at Bag-Ong Barrio National High School, Tapaz, Capiz, Western Visayas philippines Aijyn Ferasol Geco Th-515
Th-458 Work Assertiveness and Work Motivation Among Elementary School Teachers of Dumarao District capiz, Western Visayas, Philippines RENEE ANN PACIT ITALIA Th-458