• Library borrower’s card is required in borrowing and returning materials print and non-print.

• Library borrower’s card issued upon presentation of 1x1 ID picture and enrolment copy; and old borrower’s card is validated upon presentation of student enrolment copy.

• Loan of books is at 3:00 PM and to be returned the following day before 9:00 AM.

• IFSU students may borrow a maximum of 3 books of different titles at one time for overnight. One hour and thirty minutes for classroom use.

• As a general rule, a book for overnight use is loaned from 3:00 PM to 4:45 PM and should be returned on or before 9:00 AM the following class day.

• Graduate students may borrow three books of different titles for one week during the semester.

• During the semester, faculty members may borrow ten at a time, which are related to their official teaching load. Such books may be recalled if they are requested by other users or may be returned within the semester if they are no longer needed. Otherwise, they should be returned at the end of the semester for clearance and inventory purposes.

• Faculty members who are enrolled in the graduate school should borrow books the same way as graduate students do.

• Fiction books can be borrowed for a maximum of 7 days.

• Other authorized users may avail of the library collection for room use only.

• Visitors from other colleges and universities availing of the library collection will pay a library use fee amounting Php 30.00 a day.

• Overdue materials are charged with overdue fines. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not included in the computation of overdue fines.

• Overnight loan books : Php 10.00 /book/day

• One hour and thirty minutes loan books: php 1.00/book/day

A borrower with overdue books or with standing obligation to the library accounts are settled in the library.

• The lost of a book that is loan must be reported to the section where the book was charge out.

• A lost book must either be a) paid according to the value determined by the library, b) replaced with a copy of the same book or latest edition, c) replaced with different title upon the approval of the librarian.