Latest Book Aquisitions - December 2017

Board game available at the library!!!

  • chess, scrable and games of the generals
  • Located at the at right side upon entering the book area and the the internet cafe how to avail? present your borrowers card then login on the logbook.

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    Adventures in the library with prizes! - what? where? how?

  • Word Hunting Challenge!
  • Each book has a group of words or statement posted at the book's front cover, find the words or statement on the book. This word hunting challenge is located at the book area.

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    ***Library is open for any ideas or suggestions to be added on the Adventures!***

    New Library Service

  • Library coffee shop
  • Located at the lobby 2nd floor
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    Free Quotes - Student, Brainy, Educational and Motivational Quotes

    Located at the book area on the right side upon entry. Just pick one

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    Library Improvements 2015 to 2016

  • Automated Systems
  • IFSU Main Library has been developing and upgrading its existing Automated System since 2015. for more details please watch the video presentation. Not all Library system are include in the video presentation Internet Monitoring and Digital Archiving and the Integrated Library Management System are not shown. To view the video in High Quality click the video and see a gear icon located at the bottom rigth then click quality then choose 720p or 1080p.

  • New Library System - currently under development
  • The main problem with all the systems mentioned above is that they have individual servers, maintainance is also a problem, therefor it is imposible to be used by other campuses without having to modify the code of every single system. That is why we will develop a Centralized Library Management that is equal to a commercial system on the market.
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  • Internet Speed
  • Before - Speed 0.4 Mbps, very very slow internet connection students will wait for for than 5 mins. before a website to load
    Present - Speed 2.00+ Mbps direct connection, students can now access the internet without having to wait for a long time.
  • Facilities
  • Internet Section

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    Lounge Area

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    Comfort Rooms

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    Quotes for the Month
    “February - the month of love..?!! No wonder the shortest one in the calendar.”
    ― Dinesh Kumar Biran
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